What Types Of Roofing Are The Most Hail Resistant?


Hail is an unfortunate part of the regular weather in many areas. Whether it is small or large hail, these frozen pellets can cause damages to vehicles and even the roofing of a home in some cases. Therefore, those living in areas prone to hailstorms should be sure that their home is ready to withstand whatever the weather throws at them. When it comes to hail-proof roofing in Arlington, TX, there are several options to choose from, all with their benefits and shortcomings.

One of the most effective and well-loved types of hail-resistant roofing is the metal roof. Overall, these have the most to offer customers. They come in a wide variety of materials and colors, making them a suitable match for practically any home. Unlike asphalt shingles and other materials, metal roofing also has durability unlike any other in every type of weather. The only immediately visible shortcoming when it comes to this roofing material is the fact that it is not the most energy-efficient option on the market.

Surprisingly, tile and clay roofs also have great resistance when it comes to hailstorms. However, not any regular tile or clay roofing is embraced by this category. There are specific options that guard homes against class 3 and class 4 hail storms, which may be purchased through certain installers or directly from the manufacturing company. These can be expensive, but offer homeowners a beautiful, sturdy, and safe method of protecting their home from potential hail damage throughout the winter, and other issues throughout other seasons. These are slightly more efficient than metal roofing materials, but the difference is not a significant one.

There are many options to choose from when selecting roofing for your home, but it is always imperative that you take your environmental needs into consideration throughout the selection process. Reviewing all of your options can help you find a beautiful, efficient, and protective option for hail-proof roofing in Arlington, Texas that is just right for any home.