Quick Guide to the Ecological Benefits of Decra Metal Roofs

Posted on August 22, 2017

Roofing Contractor in Arlington, TX

If you have been looking into Decra roofs, your roofing contractor near Arlington, TX, has likely already told you about its superior life cycle and durability. However, you might not realize that this top-notch roofing option is also beneficial for the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Some studies done by Florida Solar Energy Center show metal roofing increases a home's efficiency by 20 percent. Metal roofs are able to reflect and dissipate heat quickly. This adds up to mean your Texas home will need less energy to stay cool with a Decra roof.


Metal roofing products are also touted as being more sustainable than some of the competition. You can see the increased sustainability in the following:

When you ask your roofing contractor in Arlington, TX, to use a Decra metal roof, you can feel confident knowing you are doing something positive for the environment because of its sustainability.


Some roofing products are made from materials that could pose a health risk to the workers that install it and those who live under it. However, metal is not one of those materials. The finishes and products that go into metal roofing are inert and noncombustible. This means your family's safety could be increased by installing a metal roof on your home. The increased safety is good for the environment because you do not have to worry about dangerous toxins filling the air.

Learn More

If the ecological benefits of the Decra roofing materials interest you, you can learn more by talking with your roofing contractor in Arlington, TX. This simple conversation can help you figure out if this roofing material falls into your budget. You can also learn about the various design elements available. There's a lot to love about metal roofs.

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