Metal Roofs Provide Protection and Value

Posted May 31, 2017.

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An experienced roofing contractor in Arlington, TX, can tell you that homeowners will often choose to put an asphalt shingle roof on their home because that is the standard roof most people go with, not because it is the best option for their property. Therefore, the advantages of a metal roof are often overlooked.

The Texas weather is fierce with high heat and tornados, and Arlingtons average annual precipitation is around 38 inches. That means Arlington homes have to take quite a beating. While standard asphalt shingle roofs typically degrade under normal conditions, and frequently in less time than even covered under a standard 25-year warranty, metal roofs are designed to withstand significantly more abuse. In fact, they are usually so durable that many companies will offer limited lifetime warranties on them.

Often people are concerned about the noise made when hail and rain hit metal roofs. Since there are numerous metal roofing brands and styles available, a roofing contractor in Arlington, TX, can detail what methods are best used for sound control. These techniques can also improve the look of the roof.

With all these advantages, one question remains: Why are metal roofs not more popular with homeowners? At first glance, metal roofs may have a higher up front cost. However, when compared to the cost of replacing a standard roof multiple times over the period generally covered by the metal roof warranty, a metal roof can usually provide much more value. Also, many homeowners do not like the look of typical metal roofing and do not realize that many manufacturers are now offering metal roofing options that look like standard shingles.

Homeowners should talk to a roofing contractor in Arlington, TX, to see if a metal roof can provide the protection and value their home needs. Those who choose a metal roof may be grateful for decades!

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