Attractive And Impact Resistant Roofs


Rain, hail, lightning, and the occasional hurricane can affect central Texas. Like everything else, even the weather is bigger here. This is why you should consider investing in an impact-resistant roof in Arlington, TX. The heat and thunderstorms can be downright brutal, and both of these phenomena begin to degrade a typical asphalt roof as soon as it is installed. Roofs with asphalt shingles last a few years at best before having to be replaced or repaired for thousands of dollars. Impact-resistant metal roofs are designed to last indefinitely.

You can find an impact-resistant roof in Arlington, TX that looks almost exactly like any classic style of roof, whether you prefer the aesthetics of tiles or shingles. Unlike tile and asphalt shingles, however, metal roofs are designed to last longer than a lifetime. Not only in normal circumstances but even in the severe weather common to Texas will metal roofs remain strong under the test of time. No slate, tile, or shingle could outlast an impact-resistant roofing system, but the new designs have developed to imitate the classic styles almost perfectly.

Technology has come a long way since the tin roofs associated with old Southern houses. The sound of heavy rain on those roofs could be deafening. Today’s metal roofs are stone-coated steel that absorbs the noise of showers and even hail. An impact-resistant roof in Arlington, TX can be installed over a pre-existing roof, for extra insulation and efficiency during the harsh summer heat. With some contractors offering a lifetime guarantee, even the price of a brand new metal roof runs less than you would pay to have to repair and replace sections of shingles or tiles over the years. The reasons to hold onto outdated versions are becoming fewer and farther between, now that the price is right to install a roof you will never have to worry about again.